Contact your health insurance company to find out if  a medical hair replacement unit or cranial hair prosthesis or cranial prosthesis  qualifies for reimbursement .

Once you’ve confirmed with your health insurance company, that you do have you  medical coverage that will cover  your “Cranial Prosthesis” simply follow these steps:

  1. Obtain A Prescription Have your doctor provide you with a prescription, ensure your doctor to use the terms cranial prosthesis and not the word wig terminology when dealing with the insurance provider, so there is no discrepancies when it comes to billing and coding
  2. Sales Receipt After purchasing your medical wig, cranial prosthetic at Tresses By Marie Mikel, we will provide you with a itemized bill of sale for your medical hair prosthetic. This will include our valid taxpayer number and NPI  number. The invoice will use the proper medical terminology which is needed for this purpose.
  3. File Your Claim when filing your claim, insurance companies may also require the claim to be under Durable Medical Equipment (DME)    The documents you will need:  1. Doctor’s Prescription 2. Tresses By Marie Mikel receipt for the cranial prosthetic 3. Completed claim form for your insurance company